Publishing Your Book

About Nicasio Press:

We are a hybrid publishing and editing company, providing access to print-on-demand services while making every effort to help authors maintain control of the book and reap financial benefits. We will lay out the book, and have it printed by IngramSpark, the leading printer for major publishers. We place the orders for your books. Then we turn the rest over to you as the author to market and sell your book. You may set any price you like, sell it in any way you like. By default, the book is also marketed via, Barnes and Nobles, and bookstores. You set their wholesale discount at your own preferred rate. Unlike the standard self-publishing arena, we provide enough assistance so that you don’t have to go it alone.


For books sold through a wholesaler (Amazon, Ingram, etc), Nicasio Press and the author each receive 50% of the net income. For books sold directly by the author, the author keeps the 100% of the royalties after net costs are deducted. Book sales on the Nicasio Press website are directed to the author’s website. To calculate breakeven point for a book, divide total costs by the expected royalty revenue. That shows how many books you need to sell to recoup the costs and begin to show a profit.  For example, if the book investment is $1300, and royalties are about $9/book, then after you sell about 145 books, everything else is profit.

Book Printing Costs:

Actual prices for printing are based on the length of the book, and determined by IngramSpark pricing chart. The author determines their preferred retail list price. The book price is included on the back cover with the ISBN bar code, unless specifically requested otherwise. A book of about 200 pages, 6 by 9 in size, would run about $3.50 per book to print.

Design: The design of the book cover, and the inside text design will be done by Nicasio Press’s designer. The author can provide the image for the cover, as long as it meets the standard for printing.

Marketing: Nicasio Press offers website exposure option on the Nicasio Press website. All other marketing is the responsibility of the author. By default the book is listed in various catalogs (see distribution section below.) While traditionally self-publishing meant that you had no exposure than your own creation, Nicasio Press will help you build websites if you need that help.

Wholesale Distribution: Detailed title listing in Lightning Source/Ingram US distribution partners (e.g IPage, Baker & Taylor,, etc.); includes a returns policy (essential for book store distribution)

Content Requirements: In general, it is best if the author includes all the content needed. Contact us for for a complete list of all the additional information that is needed in a complete book. Don’t forget that the back cover needs copy as well. The final text should be submitted in MS Word format.

Editing and Proof Reading: Prior to printing, the book should be professionally edited. All editing and proofreading can be done independently or via Nicasio Press editors. After the layout is complete, the final document should be thoroughly proof read before printing.

For a detailed quote, please contact us directly by email: info [at]