Laura Duggan

Founder of Nicasio Press, Author, and Editor

IMG_0585.JPGWelcome to Nicasio Press.

It is a great honor to assist people in bringing their stories to life. I offer the following professional services: editing, ghostwriting, and publishing, specializing in non-fiction, memoirs, and biography.

In addition to my editing work, I also author as a support for parents of young children. For more information on my services, please contact me by Email.

In 1980, I began the study and practice of meditation. This commitment supported my life as a parent, computer consultant and later as a member of the staff for the meditation non-profits world-wide. I was the executive director of Muktabodha Indological Research Institute. Self-inquiry and meditation are the foundation of my life and it is my great joy to share these practices with others. I am also a certified Waldorf teacher.

The Published Books page in the menu bar lists books that I have edited, authored, and/or published.