George Franklin

Portraits from LifeGeorge Franklin graduated from Harvard University in 1975, where he studied poetry with Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Fitzgerald. He subsequently received an MFA in creative writing from Brown University, and an MA in English literature from Columbia University. He lived for over ten years in the ashrams of his spiritual preceptor in India and in upstate New York, where he developed a keen interest in Kashmir Shaivism. He has published two books of poetry, The Fall of Miss Alaska (Six Gallery Press, 2007) and the chapbook Contour with Shadow (Frolic Press, 2016). A forthcoming book will be published by Ristretto Press. His uncollected poems, including “Talking Head,” a forty-page poem in blank verse, have been published widely, most prominently in Epiphany Magazine and in The Recorder, the Journal of the American Irish Historical Society. He had the honor of serving as editorial assistant to the great scholar and pandit of Kashmir Shaivism, Debabrata Sensharma, on his translation of and commentary on Abhinavagupta’s Paramarthasara.

Books by George Franklin:

Portraits from Life

Some Segments of a River