Editing and Writing Services

Our specialty is fast turnaround, honest feedback, and accurate editing.

Do you need editing help for finishing a dissertation or beginning a non-fiction book, starting a children’s book, or creating short stories? If so, I can offer you the writing support you need at affordable rates. As a writing coach, we can have weekly meetings to review your progress and keep you on track with your writing. As a developmental editor, I can offer objective feedback on flow and clarity of meaning.

My goal is to help you make your words mean what you say, and help you say what you mean. Contact me [lduggan at nicasiopress.com] for a competitive quote.

Special expertise in:

  • memoir
  • non-fiction books
  • dissertation, undergrad, or master’s thesis
  • college or grad school admission essays
  • website content
  • oral presentation
  • children’s book

Areas of special interest for editing include education, spirituality, finance, and technology. I offer a free evaluation before the start of any project. Levels of support include review and recommend, on-line edits, word crafting and re-ordering of concepts, collaborative ghost writing, and writing coaching. As a developmental editor, I work with you to create structure and clarity for your project. I also am interested in working as a mentor to young people who are beginning their own works. Check out my website litkidz.com for my work as a reviewer of children’s literature.


“Working with Laura on my was a joy. She brought her formidable intellect, her first rate editorial and design skills, and her wisdom, sensitivity and care to every aspect of our work together. The result was a book that has exceeded my expectations in every way. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.” George Franklin, Some Segments of a River

“Working with Laura Duggan on editing and then designing the cover and the look of the book was a much-welcomed partnership. I had no idea of the details and decisions involved in refining and perfecting the book’s appearance. Laura was able to give clear, knowledgeable guidance every step of the way. It was like having a writer’s GPS installed in my life…” Judy Schafman, Sailing the Sea of Dreams

“Laura Duggan’s editorial insights were invaluable.” Karen Gifford, The Anxious Lawyer

“Laura discussed every word of this book as it was forming and helped to make sure there was absolute truth behind all the laws in this book.” Suze Orman, Laws of Money, Lessons of Life acknowledgments.

“I have two publishers interested in making offers for the book. I asked them both what attracted them to the book and one said ‘its seamless writing, easy to read narrative style,’ and the other said ‘its very accessible writing.’ Thanks to your help they were able to make these comments. Scott Chapman, Empower Your Investing

“I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to this. Really, it was such an incredible blessing to work with you.” Barrie Risman, Evolving Your Yoga

“Laura was great to work with…” Michael Staples, Focusing Emptiness