Because We Are Rivers

By Mark Edward Mann

Mark Mann’s poems speak to his love of nature and his long exploration and dedication – to write a good poem. His poetry is educated without being inaccessible. Mark had an affiliation with a social service agency based in Chicago Illinois called the Ark, – and a portion of the sales of this book will go directly to the Ark in Mark‘s name.

Mark Edward Mann was born in Chicago on April 28,1956 and spent his childhood in Skokie, Illinois. He began to enjoy writing in high school and early on, it became clear writing was Mark’s passion. Mark continued his studies in literature at UCLA where he focused on poetry. Mark was accepted into the prestigious poetry program – Bread Loaf Writers Conference in New England in 2021. Mark Mann writes in the Modern American Poetry Style, favoring plain language and strong images. This collection of poems is being published posthumously after Mark’s death on July 18th, 2022.

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Publisher’s Note

Mark’s story and poetry represent the resilience of the human spirit to survive, when aided by the loving and professional support of others. The publishing of this book began with an unusual request by email: “My friend passed away and left me a manuscript of his poems. Can you publish them?” The poems struck me with their heart, depth, and clarity, so I said yes. When I looked up the author’s background, I found his funeral service, with a eulogy that recounted his journey from homelessness, mental health issues, and near-death to finding “his way back home, through twenty years that involved reclaiming back his health, sense of belonging, friendships and most of all meaning in life, which for him was always writing.”

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