About Us

Who We Are :

EditingLaura Duggan is the founder and owner of Nicasio Press. The company was launched in 2008. One of the goals is to make it easier for authors to publish their own works, without giving away the royalties or control of the book. I offer editing services, design services, and assistance in creating the final print-on-demand book, as well as acting as your writing coach.

Our Mission :

To provide quality books that uplift readers of all ages. We are an editor and publisher of books in the fields of education, psychology, business, art, and spirituality.  We are also interested in publishing uplifting children’s books. Multicultural books are also part of our repertoire, as we have published books with Tibetan, Marathi, Hindi, and Persian language segments.

Contact us :

info [at] nicasiopresss.com

About Nicasio

nicasio_3155Nicasio Press takes its name from a tiny town nestled in the rolling hills of Marin County in Northern California. A town with immense beauty, it has long been home to sheep and cattle ranches and carries the spirit of the land wherever you look. St. Mary’s Church at the crossroads of the town was built in 1867. Jerry Garcia, of the Grateful Dead, was a resident of Nicasio prior to his passing away. For more information about the history of Nicasio, visit the Nicasio Historical Society webpage.

Nicasio represents a crossroads between the world of spirit embodied in the land, and the world of form in Marin County, a near neighbor of San Francisco. In the same way, books published by Nicasio Press create a bridge between the life of spirit and life in the material world.